James Hodgson

I have always been interested in design, even if I didn’t realise it at first. My first real encounter with the subject was at school, and I still remember how complex logos could often be simplified down to standard Euclidean forms. My mathematical interest has influenced my design interest and I very much still favour the simple repeatability of geometric forms. Likely this was the reason for having an admiration to the later works of Piet Mondrian.

Though a software engineer by training and trade, I was always quick to volunteer to create images for any extra curricular initiatives that might need them. I discovered photography more years ago than I care to remember and realised that this was the way I could best express my creativity. I have contributed works to exhibitions held at Exbury Gardens and Sir Harold Hillier Gardens as well as co-hosting two exhibitions of my own at Manor Farm, all in Hampshire.

Unsurprisingly, my style is very much graphic, typically emphasising strong contrast. I enjoy exploring shapes, colours and textures, even if it means my images are somewhat abstract and without obvious context. I want to challenge the viewer as to whether they connect with the piece itself, rather than what they might think it should look like in its actual context.

I have spent time in the Lake District, photographing the wonderful vistas that exist there, though equally feel at home concentrating on some interesting stonework on a building.

In 2015, I took a dream role that allowed me to use my photographic expertise as part of my everyday job. Shortly afterwards, I embraced videography as an additional skill and have enjoyed creating digital collateral ever since, as it typically involves aspects from all three disciplines of graphic design, photography and videography.